Microwave-Assisted Solvent-Free Arylation of Amino acids with Halogenobenzenes

Modupeola A. Sowole, Adesola B. Adebisi, Idris A. Olasupo, Josephat U. Izunobi, Oluwole B. Familoni


The solventless microwave-assisted arylation and heteroarylation of different aliphatic and cyclic amino acids 2a–e were carried out on activated, substituted o-nitrohalogenobenzenes 1a–h and 2-chloro-3-nitropyridine 1i, in the presence of potassium carbonate and potassium fluoride for 0.5 h at 70 W, to give substituted N-(o-nitrophenyl)amino-2-carboxylic acid 3–16 and N-(m-nitropyridyl)amino-2-carboxylic acid 17–18 adducts in yields ranging from 5–98% .  

Keywords: amino acids, arylation, halogenobenzenes, microwave synthesis 

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