Synthesis and Characterization of Acrylated Rubber Seed Oil

E.O. Obazee, F.E. Okieimen, P.S. Felix, S. Ghosh, A.I. Aigbodion, I.O. Bakare


Acrylated rubber seed oil was prepared by reacting polyhydroxylated rubber seed oil with acrylic acid at various polyol: acrylic acid ratios, at 60oC for 1h. The acrylated oil was recovered and dried at 90oC for 12h. Spectroscopic (FTIR and 1H NMR) analysis of the acrylated oil samples revealed a decrease in the absorption band characteristics of the OH group and an increase in the absorption band corresponding to the carboxylates group in the FTIR spectra; and the disappearance of the hydroxyl protons and appearance of acrylic protons in the 1H NMR spectra of the samples. The mechanical properties of the acrylated rubber seed oil depended on the polyol: acrylic acid ratio and were tensile strength 1.60 - 6.2 MPa, elongation at break 6.24 - 45.10 %, modulus 0.015 - 0.240 GPa, ultimate tensile strength 2.30 - 9.92 MPa and hardness 1.23 - 1.38 MPa. The thermal stability of the acrylate oil samples showed little dependence on the polyol; acrylic acid ratio and gave values of temperature of incipient degradation of about 200oC and of second stage degradation well above 300oC. These results together with the low degree of swelling in organic solvent should make the acrylated rubber seed oil suitable for use in the formulation of ink and water-dispersible paint.  

Keywords: absorption, acrylic, characteristics, degradation, rubber seed oil, tensile strength 

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