In Vitro Anti-Inflammation Studies of Jakaranda mimosifoliaExtract Using Protein Denaturation Technique.

J. D. Habila, Y. Isah, M. M. Adeyemi, A. Y. Mahmoud, A. J. Habila, M. H. Hamza


The present study investigates the anti-inflammation potential of Jacaranda mimosifolia, which is reported in traditional medicine. Microwave energy was used for the extraction of plant material and, the anti-inflammatory activity was evaluated using protein denaturation method. In-vitro anti inflammation test on different concentrations of the extracts solution was conducted. The highest percentage inhibition of protein denaturation of the lowest concentration (31.25 µg/ml) of the extracts was observed as 86. 21 % in the chloroform extract (CE), which is highly significant and comparable to that of  the standard drug (Diclofenac) shown as 82.76 %. The hexane extract (HE) and ethylacetate extract (EE) both inhibited protein denaturation at 68.97 % and that of methanol extract (ME) was observed as 68.97 %. The result of our investigation reveals that Jacaranda mimosifolia has potentials to be explored in the search for a potent anti-inflammatory drug from natural origin. Therefore our studies support the use of the plant in the treatment of inflammation in traditional medicine. 

Key-words:Jacaranda mimosifolia, Protein denaturation, Anti-inflammatory, Microwave Assisted Extraction. 

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