Phytochemical Screening, Isolation and Characterization of Beta-Sitosterol from ethyl acetate Extract of Stem Bark of Entada africana (Fabaceae) Guill. et Perr.

L.G. Hassan, H. E. Mshelia, K.J. Umar, S. M. Kangiwa, C. Ogbiko, A. J. Yusuf


The aim of this study is to identify and characterize the bioactive compound β-Sitosterol from the root bark of the medicinal plant Entada africana. The plant has wide folk medicinal use in traditional medicine. Preliminary phytochemical screening of the n-hexane, ethyl acetate and methanol fractions revealed the presence of steroids, carbohydrates, terpenoids, saponins, flavonoids, tannins and cardiac glycoside. Anthraquinones and flavonoid were however found to be absent in all fractions investigated. The ethyl acetate fraction was the bioactive fraction based on sensitivity test hence was subjected to TLC and column chromatography purification. The colourless powder obtained was subjected to CNMR and HNMR spectroscopic analysis for proper characterization and elucidation of the structure in comparison with their literature data. The compound was concluded as β-Sitosterol.

Keyword: Entada africana, Isolation, Characterization, Phytochemical, TLC 

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