Adsorption and Inhibitive properties of ethanolic extract of Striga hemonthica as a green corrosion inhibitor for Aluminium alloy in 0.1M H2SO4

S.O. Okeniyi, B. El-yaqub, F.E. Awe, P.E. Omale, M.D. Faruruwa, M.M. Adeyemi


The inhibition of the corrosion of auminium aloy by ethanolic extract of Striga hermonthica has been studied using gravimetric and thermometric. The results of the study reveals that the different concentrations of the plant extract of Striga hermonthica inhibits Aluminium alloy corrosion. Inhibition efficiency of the extract was found to vary with concentration, temperature and time of immersion. Values of activation energy of the inhibited corrosion reaction of aluminium alloy were greater than the value obtained for the blank. Thermodynamic consideration reveals that the adsorption of Striga hemonthica extract on aluminium alloy was spontaneous and obeyed the langmiur adsorption isotherm. Physical adsorption mechanism was proposed for the adsorption of the inhibitor.

Keywords: corrosion inhibition, Aluminium alloy, adsorption isotherm, Striga hermonthica.

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