ANTHELMINTIC PRINCIPLES FROM THE TUBEROUS ROOTS OF Neorautanenia mitis (A. Rich) Verdcourt – Papilonaceae

Lasisi A. Adebayo, Adeyi E. Olubisi, Adebisi S, Idowu M. O.


In Nigeria, Neorautanenia mitis is used for treating intestinal parasites caused by tapeworm. Pulverised tuber of N. mitis was exhaustively and successively extracted using the n-hexane, chloroform and MeOH. Extracts and isolated compounds were evaluated for anthelmintic activity against dwarf tapeworms (Hymenolysis nana) and the larva of hookworm using the in vivo and in vitro models. In-vivo anthelmintic activity of the crude n-hexane, CHCl3 and MeOH extracts of N. mitis exhibited 100 % paralysis of the worms at 100 mg/kg. LD50 of the cude extracts and Albendazole (anthelmintic drug) were 188. 5 and 45.25 µg/mL respectively. Isolated compounds from N. mitis: Neoraudiol (1), neoduline (2), neotenone (3), rautandiol (4), pachyrrhizine (5) and 12a-hydroxy neotenone (6) displayed concentration-dependent anthelmintic activities against the tapeworm (Taenia solium) at 25, 50, 80 and 100 mg/mL. Structure-activity relationship was established.  The results of the study provide scientific justification for the use of N. mitis in combating anthelminthes in Nigeria.

Key words: Neorautanenia mitis, isolated compounds, Papilonaceae, Anthelminthic activity,Parasitic worms, anthelminthes.

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