Hydrogenation of cashew kernel oil using green synthesized CuO and CuO:H as catalyst

Konne, Joshua Lelesi, Arinze Amauche Uwaezuoke.


The use of cheap green copper (II) oxide (CuO) and its hydrogenated forms to catalyze hydrogenation reactions of unsaturated fatty acid groups in cashew kernel oil was investigated in this study. The cashew kernel oil was extracted from cashew kernel using hexane at 25C and analyzed with gas  chromatography-mass spectrometry method (GC-MS). The major unsaturated components were oleic acid (84.36%) and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The kernel oil was hydrogenated with influx of H2 gas in the presence of both green CuO (synthesized with green alkali obtained from ripe plantain peels) and its hydrogenated form (CuO:H). XRD reflection patterns of the control sample used for both CuO and CuO:H confirmed major CuO phase with minor Cu2O impurity peak. An unknown impurity peak at 2-theta, 28.51º and a shift in the (111) peak position were also observed. The 8 min H-loaded CuO:H sample with the highest [H] was confirmed by its UV-Vis absorptivity and used as the new catalyst. Unsaturation in oleic acid was reduced from 84.36% to 1.45% and to 16.59% in the presence of CuO and CuO:H respectively while polyunsaturated fatty acids were completely eliminated in the presence of CuO:H.

Keywords: Cashew-kernel-oil; hydrogenation; green alkali; CuO; CuO:H

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