Properties of in situ Prepared Various Ebonite Natural Rubbers.

D. Malomo, O. E. Edeh, P. Okolo, A. K. Akinlabi, F. C. Ibeh, S. O. Adewuyi, O. Egharevba


Preparation of various samples of ebonite vulcanizates and their physico-mechanical properties have been investigated using standard methods. This work explores the production of ebonite dust and its rubber vulcanizates, characterization and analysis of the prepared ebonite rubbers. Five different ebonite rubbers – labeled A, B, C, D, and E with sulphur content in parts per hundred grams of rubber (Phr) of 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 parts respectively were prepared. Physico-mechanical properties were carried out on the prepard rubbers vis-a-viz: tensile strength, hardness and abrasion resistance. The tensile strength (MPa) for sample A, B, C , D and E were 5.6,  3.5,  4.7,  1.7  and  2.0  MPa  respectively  while  the  abrasion  (%  mass  loss)  were 8.49,4.24,2.59,1.08 and 1.05 % respectively and the hardness (IRHD) being 63, 64, 65,70 and 82 (IRHD). The results showed that the preparation of ebonite from natural rubber as a base polymer is achievable considering the results of characterization obtained.

Keywords: compounding, natural rubber, ebonite dust, vulcanization, ebonite material.


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