Methanol Content In Local Gins Consumed In some selected communities In Southern Part of Nigeria

J.O. Anarado, C.E. Anarado, C.S. Nwankwo, U.S. Vincent, O.O. Nwachukwu


Incidence of methanol contamination of traditionally fermented beverages is increasing globally resulting in the death of several persons. The work is an investigation of concentration of methanol in samples of local gin “ogogoro” from 24 communities in Anambra, Delta and Ogun States of Nigeria. Based on the findings, it was deduced that the samples got from five communities; Nise , Anambra Sate (0.1005mg/L), Awba-Ofemilli, Anambra State (11.37mg/L), Olomoro , Delta Sate (2.4715mg/L), Okwagbe, Delta State (1.9483mg?), Sapele, Delta State (0.200mg/L contained methanol in concentration above the permissible Standard set by European Union and National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)(0.05mg/L). Other samples from other communities contain methanol in concentration below the permissible level by NAFDAC. So these samples from five communities are not safe  for consumption as continuous consumption can be very fatal for consumers. 

Key Words: Alcohol, Methanol, Local Gin, Gas Chromatograph,  Concentration

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