Challenges and Prospects of Safe Handling of Scheduled Chemicals: A Review


  • O. J. Akpoghelie
  • U. J. Esemedafe
  • U. J. Esemedafe
  • M. Okonkwo
  • M. Okonkwo


The challenges of handling scheduled chemicals and regulating same remain partly unresolved in Nigeria. Due to their dual nature – used for both beneficial and harmful purposes, they are regulated as chemical weapons (CWs) or they serve as precursor for chemicals used for the production of CW. People with negative intent used these chemicals as single chemical agents to produced harmful effects or are combined with other substances to produce a more devastating effects on man and the environment. The chemicals regulated as chemical weapon is being regulated by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which aim is to implement the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) to achieve the vision of a world free of chemical weapons and the threat of their use, and in which chemistry is used for peace, progress, and prosperity. The paper is poise to review the challenges and prospect of safe handling of scheduled chemicals, vulnerability assessments and industry compliance in Nigeria. Keywords: Scheduled Chemicals, OPCW, CWC, Precursor, Toxic Chemicals, Porous Border, Legislation, Challenges 




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Akpoghelie, O. J., Esemedafe, U. J., Esemedafe, U. J., Okonkwo, M., & Okonkwo, M. (2019). Challenges and Prospects of Safe Handling of Scheduled Chemicals: A Review. Journal of Chemical Society of Nigeria, 44(5). Retrieved from