Production of Silver Coated Ceramic Filter Candle Using Locally Sourced Materials For Household Water Treatment

U. E. Ekpunobi, E. J. Aboloma, S. C. Agbo


Kaolin and rice husk were utilized in the production of filter candles. The raw materials were subjected to chemical analysis using x-ray fluorescence spectrometer and x-ray diffractometer. The compounded materials were also subjected to physical analysis as follows; water absorption, apparent porosity, etc. The filter candles were produced with varying ratio of kaolin to rice husk; 50:50 (filter A), 55:45 (filter B), and 60:40(filter C) and fired at 1000°C and 1100°C. SEM analysis was carried out on the filter with best filtering properties (Filter A). Result obtained shows that flow rate increases with increase in rice husk content. Filter B (55:45) had better quality of treated water compared with other filters produced and commercial filter. The results of the pH for treated water sample were in the range of 6.95 to 7.48 which are within the WHO standard for drinking water. All other parameters compared well with WHO standard except turbidity (filtrate A-39, filtrate B-19, commercial filter-32) which were slightly higher. Filter candle A (50:50) shows optimum flow rate (0.472cm3/s), is effective in treating water and is considerably cheap.

Keywords: Candle, ceramic, filter, solid casting, water.

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