Isolation and Analysis of Methanol Extract of Leaf of Senna siamea


  • V. M. Balami
  • J. Yakubu
  • J. Yakubu
  • U. T. Mamza
  • S. I. Dawa
  • S. I. Dawa
  • F. I. Abdulrahman
  • O. A. Sodipo



This study aimed at isolation and characterization of biochemical constituents of the leaf extract of Senna siamea. The fresh leaves of Senna siamea were air-dried, pulverized and extracted using methanol by maceration method. The extract was screened for phytochemicals using standard methods. Fifty grammas (50 g) of the crude extract was defatted using n-hexane; 20 g was subjected to column chromatographic (CC) analysis using ethyl acetate and n-butanol fractions with similar retardation factor (Rf) were pooled and coded. Subsequently purification of fraction SSM5 was carried out using CC with solvent [Toluene and n-butanol (4:1) as mobile phase]. The collection was based on colour bands) and TLC was carried out where a sub-fraction SSM54 amongst other fractions gave a single spot on TLC and the Rf value was 0.71. It was then subjected to UV, IR and GC-MS analysis. The extract by maceration yielded 12.60% w/w and the defatted extract yielded 10.0% w/w. The result of the UV-visible gave a wavelength of 289 nm and an absorbance of 4.268. The result of infrared spectroscopy revealed functional groups thus O-H, N-H, C-H stretching group at 3385.8 cm-1, -CHO at 2955.8 cm-1, -CHO stretching at 2926.0 cm-1,-NH3+ at 1640.0 cm-1, carboxylate ion–CO2- for amino acid at 1449.9cm-1, -N=N- at 1401.5 cm-1, -N+O-=N- at 1315.8 cm-, C-O-C at 1189 cm-1, Si-O at 1084 cm-1 and S=O at 1013.8. The GC-MS analysis of SSM54 revealed the presence of Diisoctyl phthalate, Purine-2,6-dione, 8-(3-Ethoxypropylamino)-1,3-dimethyl-3, 9-dihydro-, a-Pinene, 10-(dimethylaminomethyl), 1H-indene-2-ethanamine, N, N- dimethyl-3-[1-(2-pyrindinyl) ethyl] -, Benzene, 1, 2- bis(2,5 dimethylphenylaminomethyl)-3,6- dimethyl- and Cinnamic acid, p-(trimethylsiloxy)-, methyl ester were among the probable bioactive compounds. 




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Balami, V. M. ., Yakubu, J. ., Yakubu, J. ., Mamza, U. T., Dawa, S. I. ., Dawa, S. I. ., Abdulrahman, F. I. ., & Sodipo, O. A. (2020). Isolation and Analysis of Methanol Extract of Leaf of Senna siamea . Journal of Chemical Society of Nigeria, 45(6).