Evaluation of The Swelling Ability And Water Binding Capacity Of Some Local Plant Consumed In Adamawa State, Nigeria.


  • N.M. Gaila
  • M. Buba
  • A. Ahmed




The functional properties are the intrinsic physicochemical characteristics which affect the behavior of ingredient in food systems during processing, manufacturing, storage and preparation etc. Such functional properties include water and oil binding, emulsification capacities, swelling ability and viscosity. This work is aimed at evaluating the swelling Ability and water binding capacities of Spinous Amarantus (alayahon daji) (AA) Senna accedentalis (tasba) (TB), Phyllantus niruri (mace mai goyo) (MC), Hibiscus sabdrariffa (yakuwan daji) (YD) and Leptadenia hastate (yadiya) (YE) which are commonly consumed in our localities with little or no knowledge about their nutritional properties. AOAC method of analysis as outlined by Adabowale was adopted for the analysis with little modifications. All the samples analyzed showed significant water swelling ability with AA and YD showing the highest values of 1.5±0.06 v/g while TB shows the lowest value of 0.5±0.05 v/g. There was a significant difference (p <0.05) in the WBC values (%) obtained for the different plants analyzed. The results revealed that crude AA has the highest value of 12.48±0.82 and YD has the lowest value of 5.50±0.09. Insoluble dietary fiber (IDF) was also extracted from the samples and evaluated for water binding capacity. The Insoluble dietary fibre (IDF) showed WBC values. The highest values 1.54±0.08g/g and lowest 0.94±0.00g/g were obtained MC and YE respectively. All the crude samples showed significant water binding capacity (WBC) than their respective insoluble dietary fiber (IDF). This is as a result of the structural and chemical composition of the crude samples. However, the research has revealed that both the crude and the IDF samples analyzed has therapeutic potentials.




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Gaila, N. ., Buba, M. ., & Ahmed, A. . (2020). Evaluation of The Swelling Ability And Water Binding Capacity Of Some Local Plant Consumed In Adamawa State, Nigeria . Journal of Chemical Society of Nigeria, 45(5). https://doi.org/10.46602/jcsn.v45i5.530