Corrosion Inhibition of Copper in Sulphuric acid Solution by Furan

O. O. Adeyemi


The inhibitive action of furan against corrosion of commercial copper in 1 N H2SO4, has been studied in the temperature range between 30oC and 60oC. Tafel slope, average corrosion rate and the inhibiting efficiencies have been calculated by weight loss measurement at the end of 3 hr test. The galvanostatic polarization and polarization resistance methods have been employed to determine the anodic and cathodic polarisation curves in all tested solutions. Furan seems to act mainly via adsorption on the metal surface through the hetero oxygen atom in the aromatic ring. The corrosion rate of copper in H2S04 was reduced by more than 75% in the presence of 10-1M furan. Furan has a mixed inhibitive effect with a significant shift in the open corrosion potential (OCP) to cathodic direction.

Key words: Copper corrosion; furan, Tafel polarisation, and polarization resistance,aromatic ring          

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